General Rules

The back of the stand panels must be kept white, neutral and clean. In the case of advertising structures directly facing adjoining stands, a minimum distance of 2.00 m must be kept to the edge of the stand concerned.

 Flashing of changing lights must not be used for advertising purposes.

 Suspensions of stand elements or exhibits are not permitted. Stand elements and exhibits must be independently secured. Suspensions can only be done providing prior approval has been granted by EKO exhibition management.

 It is only allowed hanging of textile banner or flags with the size of maximum 3 x 1,5 m. Flags or banner to be suspended may be placed only within the stand area. Any textile used for banner of flags must be at least difficult to ignite (B1 in compliance with DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13 501-1).

 Under no circumstances, may the aeration of fire cabinets and emergency evacuation exits be obstructed. During stand construction, electricity, water, telephone and fixed socket distribution boxes for air shall be left open and shall not be covered.

 Hall floors must not be painted. It is not permitted to glue any kind of floor covering to plastic studded or natural stone floors; adhesive fixing of floor coverings to hall floors is permitted only with doubled-sided adhesive fabric tape. After the end of the trade fair floor coverings and adhesive tapes must be removed again. Joints to hall walls, ceilings and floors may under no circumstances be damaged by cutting or foundation works or similar. Drilling and the attachment of bolts or anchorages to floors, walls or ceilings is not permitted.

Return of exhibition area to original state

 All exhibition areas are to be returned to EKO Fair Ltd. in their original state by the end of the set dismantling period.

 The exhibitor is liable for any culpable damage to persons or property caused by him, his employees, representatives and their exhibition items or exhibition installations and equipment.