Order Forms

Dear logitrans Exhibitor;

Order Forms that will ensure the utmost efficiency of your participation in the exhibition and enable you to apply for the services you will need during the exhibition as well as the Catalogue Entry Form that gives higher level of promotion of your company on the web site and the fair catalogue are available on this page.

There are different types of forms for exhibitors who contracted ‘space only’ or ‘standard construction’ or which are ‘co-exhibitor / exhibitor within a pavilion´. Please fill in the form which is appropriate for the type of your participation.

As the orders are automatically calculated in the forms, please fill in the fields related with the products and services you would like to order in electronic environment and DO NOT leave the ‘quantity’ fields blank. Otherwise, your requests cannot be processed.

Leave out the parts that you do not want to order.

After filling in, print the form.

In order your requests/orders to be valid, sign and stamp the field at the end of the page and send to
+90 212 266 91 63 by fax or to eko@logitrans.com.tr by e-mail.

We recommend that you keep a copy of the forms you send.

Deadline for sending the Catalogue Entry Form is 25.09.2020.

Deadline for sending the Order Form is 25.09.2020.

 Catalogue Entry Form 

 Order Form various services (Space Only)

 Order Form various services (Standard Construction)

 Order Form various services (co-exhibitors & exhibitors within a pavilion)

 Conference Room / Forum Area

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